Are Natural Cosmetics Better? Natural vs Original Formulas

If you have been reading Set to Glow for a while; you will be aware of my love for natural products. I use natural shampoo & conditioner, natural deodorant, 5 free/vegan/cruelty-free nail polish, natural lip balm & Burt's Bees lipsticks, natural hand cream and hand soap. I also use natural cleaning products around the house. Although I love all these things, there are a few things that I love that I can't replace with natural products. However; since I received some Luk Nip Nourish in beautiful new packaging, I set myself a challenge. To compare natural and toxin-free products with the original formulas that I love and felt like I couldn't get rid of. So which one wins my heart? Read on to find out...

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What I Learnt Using Natural Deodarant and Toothpaste

You may remember my post What is Perioral Dermatitis? and some of my tips on curing this condition. Switching to fluoride free toothpaste was one of the many things I did to help the skin around my mouth. At first I was horrified at the thought, but then I got real and asked a dentist. Switching to natural toothpaste was easy in the end however finding natural deodorant that works was slightly harder. What did I learn during this process? That research counts, amongst other things.

My dermatologist suggested that I change my routine in the bathroom in order to help my perioral dermatitis. The same could be said of other conditions too. Got eczema? Maybe you need to look at everything you use? Do you brush with fluoride toothpaste? Do you use products that contain SLS? Do you wash your hair with something that triggers it? Do you brush your teeth before you wash your face? My dermatologist said that I should brush my teeth before I washed my face. Well I took that one step further. I wondered if I could change my toothpaste altogether and whether that would have an impact?


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