The Low Down on Colour Correcting Concealers

I had never used a colour correcting concealer until I tried a product called Cicapair by Dr Jart+. The silky cream has a slight greenish cast and is meant to work like a tinted moisturiser, colour corrector and SPF 30 all rolled into one. It goes on green and changes to skin tone after it is warmed by your skin for a while. I was hooked. So what are colour correcting concealers? And why should you use them? Read on...

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Australian Beauty Brands

In the interest of trying to support local Australian businesses I am always on the look out for great Australian skincare and cosmetics brands. While I am totally able to list out quite a few skincare and personal care brands I am in love with, I know less about Australian makeup brands. So we're all in the learning boat together! 

Being a fan of Organic and Natural products I am going to focus on these for this blog post. You may have read the list of natural products that I use in the Natural Lip Balms: Manuka Honey Benefits post. I mainly use natural products everywhere but my face I find natural and essential oils too heavy and clogging for the sensitive skin on my face.

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