Foundation Reviews: Choosing the Best Product for Your Skin Type

There are so many brands of foundation on the market and so many types too. How do you choose the best product for your skin type? When you are ready to go shopping for a good foundation, how do you go about analysing each one? I've reviewed 5 products from Chanel, Guerlain, Dior, Giorgio Armani and the Korean brand Laneige. A good range of formulas and each have good points and bad points. Read on to find out which few make the cut out of this lineup. 

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How to Choose Makeup Based on Your Skin Tone
and Undertone

In Australia we are quite behind when it comes to makeup and skincare releases. It is great that Instagram keeps us up to date. However; because of this we are now more and more likely to make skincare and makeup purchases online. There are various tools to help you pick the right skincare and makeup online. One of the most difficult things to choose is foundation. Our skin changes in different seasons and some people tan in summer. What is the right process for buying foundation online? First you should find your skin tone and undertone. Read on for a step by step guide on how to choose makeup based on your skin tone and undertone! 

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Beauty Review: Top Mascaras for 2017

There are so many cosmetic products out there; from the well known luxury brands, to the best drug store buys, to the natural cosmetics brands and brands you have never heard of.

I will talk about packaging, they way they feel in my hand, their brush applicators, how they went on my lashes, we'll compare photos of each product when they are on my eyelashes and then rate them out of 5. Hopefully, after that we can work out which product is the Top Mascara for 2017 and finish the Set to Glow Beauty Review on a high note!

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