The Low Down on Colour Correcting Concealers

I had never used a colour correcting concealer until I tried a product called Cicapair by Dr Jart+. The silky cream has a slight greenish cast and is meant to work like a tinted moisturiser, colour corrector and SPF 30 all rolled into one. It goes on green and changes to skin tone after it is warmed by your skin for a while. I was hooked. So what are colour correcting concealers? And why should you use them? Read on...

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What's In My Makeup Bag: The Products I can't do Without

I love reading about other people’s favourite products. Most of the bloggers I follow have posts every month summarising their monthly finds. I learn so much from these posts. Plus I totally want to buy heaps of stuff.

Set to Glow isn’t about promoting new products every month though, I am inspired to review what I use that I have found to work and things I own. In the interest of being completely honest about what is in my makeup bag, I decided to put together a post on the products I can't live without.

So what do I carry around all the time? What are my all time favourite products? Read on to find out…

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