What's In My Makeup Bag: The Products I can't do Without

I love reading about other people’s favourite products. Most of the bloggers I follow have posts every month summarising their monthly finds. I learn so much from these posts. Plus I totally want to buy heaps of stuff.

Set to Glow isn’t about promoting new products every month though, I am inspired to review what I use that I have found to work and things I own. In the interest of being completely honest about what is in my makeup bag, I decided to put together a post on the products I can't live without.

So what do I carry around all the time? What are my all time favourite products? Read on to find out…

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Eyebrow Feathering; Is it Worth It?

First thing first. Does it hurt? Yes. Yes it does. But is it worth it? One gigantic YES!

Obviously I like to look as natural as possible, however I am no stranger to small cosmetic procedures. Plus I think I have been dying my hair black for over 15 years now. Let me give you a little bit of background information first. I am half Ukrainian and my hair is actually brown with red through it that goes blonde at the front in summer. I tan REALLY easily. So it is not easy staying this pale. I take my sunscreen, hat and umbrella usage VERY seriously. If you read my introduction blog post Hello! Set to Glow? you would know that when I was a teenager I had acne. I also mentioned that I was pretty sick and as a result of taking medication my body didn't like, I got pretty severe pustular acne... This was the start of my obsession with laser. At first I wanted to treat my acne, then once that was dormant I treated my scars and then I moved on to treating my pigmentation. Now I use laser as a regular facial - I have sensitive skin that likes being burnt off instead of lots of product. Go figure.

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