Glass Skin; The Latest Korean Beauty Trend. It is Achievable?

Set to Glow is all about being honest and only promoting things that actually work. My Instagram followers really love my honest reviews. Just recently I wrote about the Korean Skincare products I know and love in Dr Jart+ and Korean SkincareThe post was mainly about the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine and what products you can use to achieve it. A normal routine in a western country involves a cleanser, exfoliator, hydrating serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. We're not really big on toners. You can see this if you search on google trends in Australia for example. Korean skincare focuses on one issue per step. It's a different approach; however most of the people that commented on my post said they don't really need so many steps and find using too many products annoying. Although; like me, lots of people had favourite Korean products...

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Drinking Tea for Optimum Health

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I gave up coffee about 10 months ago for my skin. I have always drunk water and green tea - I just loved my coffee as well. I have given it up before but then I would have one cup and was hooked again. This time I want to stick with it. I now drink lots of varieties of tea when I go out instead. I have always known green tea was good for me. In fact, I used it to help cure my acne; but what about the health benefits of all the other varieties? 

Follow my journey through the Sydney Tea Festival held at Carriageworks on the 20th August, 2017.

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