Skincare and Cosmetic Expiry Dates

Do you make sure you clean your skincare and cosmetics out regularly? Do you pay attention to the expiry dates? Are they actually legitimate dates or can we extend some of them? These are all really interesting questions. Especially since there have been trends towards more organic and cruelty free products. There are also products with short shelf lives called skin food. Products made from ingredients you can actually eat.

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Australian Beauty Brands

In the interest of trying to support local Australian businesses I am always on the look out for great Australian skincare and cosmetics brands. While I am totally able to list out quite a few skincare and personal care brands I am in love with, I know less about Australian makeup brands. So we're all in the learning boat together! 

Being a fan of Organic and Natural products I am going to focus on these for this blog post. You may have read the list of natural products that I use in the Natural Lip Balms: Manuka Honey Benefits post. I mainly use natural products everywhere but my face I find natural and essential oils too heavy and clogging for the sensitive skin on my face.

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