Eyebrow Feathering; Is it Worth It?

What Really Happens When You Get Eyebrow Feathering? Does it Hurt?

Me Before the Eyebrow Feathering Procedure

Me Before the Eyebrow Feathering Procedure

First thing first. Does it hurt? Yes. Yes it does. But is it worth it? One gigantic YES!

Obviously I like to look as natural as possible, however I am no stranger to small cosmetic procedures. Plus I think I have been dying my hair black for over 15 years now. Let me give you a little bit of background information first. I am half Ukrainian and my hair is actually brown with red through it that goes blonde at the front in summer. I tan REALLY easily. So it is not easy staying this pale. I take my sunscreen, hat and umbrella usage VERY seriously. If you read my introduction blog post Hello! Set to Glow? you would know that when I was a teenager I had acne. I also mentioned that I was pretty sick and as a result of taking medication my body didn't like, I got pretty severe pustular acne... This was the start of my obsession with laser. At first I wanted to treat my acne, then once that was dormant I treated my scars and then I moved on to treating my pigmentation. Now I use laser as a regular facial - I have sensitive skin that likes being burnt off instead of lots of product. Go figure.

So I dye my hair black, I paint my nails red, I get regular laser facials and (who knows since I am pushing the end of my 30s) I might decide I need more help eventually.

Since I regularly dye my hair back I also need to tint and shape my eyebrows to match. I remember when my eyebrow tinting obsession started. It is the one cheap thing that you can do that can totally change the way you look. I even persuaded my mum to start tinting and shaping hers. I can't remember when I started; I just know that every three or four weeks I had an automatic appointment. Yes had. Now I have my eyebrows feathered.

I had been thinking about getting eyebrow feathering ages ago, but I was worried about choosing the right person to feather mine. I was also worried it might hurt. Plus when I was looking at doing it years ago, it wasn't as popular and the inks weren't as advanced. There were just too many nightmare stories.

It was actually an offer from another business when I was running Fashion Blender that got me thinking about it again. No I didn't want free or cheap feathering. I wanted it done right first time around by a business that has ONLY 5 star reviews. This is your face we are talking about people!

I ended up choosing Kristin Fisher as I had seen some of the bloggers I knew using her. I went and had an initial consult and I felt comfortable with Kristin.

The initial consult was a brow tint and shape. We also discussed what sort of look I wanted. Kristin noted that my left eyebrow was my problem brow. It has always been holy. I just wanted to enhance my natural brow and reduce the amount of time that I spent on filling in my eyebrows every morning. We settled on deep brown ink; because even though I dye my hair black, black ink would be too dark for my fair skin. I paid my deposit and went away with a check list that I needed to follow for at least two weeks before. No Vitamin E tablets and no tretinoin application. Plus I wasn't allowed to spray tan 72 hours before the procedure. Don't worry Kristin, no fear of spray tan with me. Kristin is booked out for months, so I think I managed to secure an appointment with a two month wait only because they had a cancellation.

When the day arrived I was pretty nervous. I don't often drink alcohol but I made sure I hadn't had any all week. Kristin didn't tint my brows, however she mentioned she sometimes tints before feathering. She used a ruler, pencil and a clear sticky template to mark up my brows before we started. I didn't want thick thick brows - but it was a shock to see the outline so large. Kristin assured me she would be feathering within the outline so they wouldn't be as thick as I thought.

After I was lying down Kristin used a tool to prick my eyebrows all over within her guide. This didn't really hurt, it was less painful than an injection. Then she wiped numbing cream all over my brows and let it sit for a while. When we was ready to start, my brows weren't very numb. However they became more numb as she worked. Kristin did one brow after the other and followed up with touch ups on both. She used a tool with a row of needles to create tiny incisions in my skin and then wiped the dye over the area. By the second pass on the first eyebrow my brow area was numb enough for it not to hurt. However I did still hear the scraping of the needles. Which is kind of off-putting I must admit. Check out the left photo below - this was after the first initial feathering appointment. You can see the tiny strokes in my brow; they are most obvious towards my nose.

Left: First Initial Feathering Appointment. Right: During the Fill in Appointment

Left: First Initial Feathering Appointment. Right: During the Fill in Appointment

I really liked the look of them initially. However all I could think about was getting home and relaxing because I was sweating and sore! I bled a little bit apparently. And fair skinned people who bleed tend to make the dye change colour. So I would probably need a tint colour adjustment during my touch up appointment...

For the next 10 days I wasn't allowed to have any facial procedures done, I had to avoid washing my face for a whole week and I couldn't go swimming. For the first couple of days you need to avoid wearing makeup so that you don't change the colour of the dye. I spent the period washing my hair upside down in the bath. Which wasn't comfortable let me tell you. I also couldn't use AHAs nor have laser or peels for two weeks afterwards. I also needed to apply Bepanthen cream three or four times daily. I cracked with the face washing on the 6th day... I needed to have a shower and wash my face properly.

My brows went really dark on the third day and I actually wondered whether I had made a mistake. But after about a week I started flaking and then by the week and a half mark my brows were settled and looked great. It's amazing how quickly you get used to something new.

When I went back for my touch up appointment last week, Kristin said my brows had healed really well however they weren't the right colour. We spoke about adjusting the colour. She tinted my brows first this time and it was amazing how much of a difference this made. I didn't tint them in between because I wanted her to see them naturally so she could do her best work!

The fill in appointment went exactly the same as the initial appointment however since I knew what was coming it hurt a lot less. Kristin only did one pass and a few touch ups. We didn't go any thicker we just refined. You can see me during the touch up appointment in the above photo on the right. Your eyes water quite a bit - so my mascara has migrated in this one. Plus I am red and blotchy as I my veins are close to the surface of my skin. Hence the bleeding. Check out the video below which was taken right after the fill in appointment. Do you like my hair net mark?

Eyebrow feathering hurts initially and the fact that you can't wash your face nor wear makeup at the start is a big turn off for me. But is it worth it? It totally is. I have had so many compliments since I got my brows done. Plus I don't need to apply any products to my brows at all now if I don't want to. They are truely minimal fuss now. The price tag is another turn off - the initial consult was $100 and the feathering cost $1000AUD. Which included the touch up appointment. However you really can't put a price tag on something that when done correctly makes you feel better about yourself now can you?

I am told eyebrow feathering is dead and now freckle tattooing is in. This is totally weird to me since I spend money to get rid of my freckles...

Have you had eyebrow feathering? Where did you get yours done? Comment at the end of the post!