Dr Jart+ and Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare is a bit of a viral trend at the moment. Myer has a special section dedicated to it in their Sydney, CBD store and there is even a shop under Myer called BONIIK where you can buy lots of Korean skincare brands. Korean products are super hydrating and mostly fragrance free and people like me (with sensitive skin) love them. The sheet masks that come out of Korea are quite amazing and lots of western brands are trying to piggy back on the trend and release new and interesting things. The korean skincare routine is 10 steps long! But do you need all those product? Read on for my opinion on the subject...

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Taking Care of Your Nails When You Have a Nail Polish Obsession

I have a red nail polish obsession; it's not a secret. Over the years I have changed the colour a few times but I really love my polished nails. I feel more together with them painted. When I used to pole dance in competitions, I used to break my thumbnails quite far up the nail. So I had to get two acrylic nails to strengthen my thumbnails. I decided to learn how to do acrylics myself to save some cash. Now it's just me and my red polished nails. But how do I look after them? Read on to find out...

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The Low Down on Colour Correcting Concealers

I had never used a colour correcting concealer until I tried a product called Cicapair by Dr Jart+. The silky cream has a slight greenish cast and is meant to work like a tinted moisturiser, colour corrector and SPF 30 all rolled into one. It goes on green and changes to skin tone after it is warmed by your skin for a while. I was hooked. So what are colour correcting concealers? And why should you use them? Read on...

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Chemical Exfoliants: AHA vs BHA

Do you use a chemical exfoliant? Skip the scrubs. AHAs and BHAs are by far the best way to go. They help to reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles, help to hydrate the skin and are known to treat acne. Manual exfoliation is dead; use an exfoliating acid as it is the key to more youthful, glowing skin. Read on to find out more!

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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Highlighters and Illuminators

Hands up if you don't have much time in the day?! Hands up if you prefer the 5-7 minute makeup routine that everyone brags about?! Hands up if you have never worn a highlighter before?! This is my guide to the quickest and easiest ways to highlight and illuminate. Because if you are like me you prefer easy and effective makeup! Read on for my tips as well as a short review of Burberry Fresh Glow, Mecca Max Shimmer Shot Highlighting Wand and Ciaté London Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting Balm.

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Drinking Tea for Optimum Health

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I gave up coffee about 10 months ago for my skin. I have always drunk water and green tea - I just loved my coffee as well. I have given it up before but then I would have one cup and was hooked again. This time I want to stick with it. I now drink lots of varieties of tea when I go out instead. I have always known green tea was good for me. In fact, I used it to help cure my acne; but what about the health benefits of all the other varieties? 

Follow my journey through the Sydney Tea Festival held at Carriageworks on the 20th August, 2017.

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Foundation Reviews: Choosing the Best Product for Your Skin Type

There are so many brands of foundation on the market and so many types too. How do you choose the best product for your skin type? When you are ready to go shopping for a good foundation, how do you go about analysing each one? I've reviewed 5 products from Chanel, Guerlain, Dior, Giorgio Armani and the Korean brand Laneige. A good range of formulas and each have good points and bad points. Read on to find out which few make the cut out of this lineup. 

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How to Choose Makeup Based on Your Skin Tone
and Undertone

In Australia we are quite behind when it comes to makeup and skincare releases. It is great that Instagram keeps us up to date. However; because of this we are now more and more likely to make skincare and makeup purchases online. There are various tools to help you pick the right skincare and makeup online. One of the most difficult things to choose is foundation. Our skin changes in different seasons and some people tan in summer. What is the right process for buying foundation online? First you should find your skin tone and undertone. Read on for a step by step guide on how to choose makeup based on your skin tone and undertone! 

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How Age, Hormones and Pregnancy can Affect your Skin

We hear quite a lot about how stress, medication and coffee in the afternoon affects our hormones. However there a quite a few more things that can affect our balance and how we feel. Losing sleep, crash diets, irregular gym attendance and a workout that misses cardio or is biased towards one exercise all affect our hormones as well. A lot of people don't know how our hormones work even without all these things that can affect them negatively. Read on to find out... 

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The Face Mask Trend: Do You Need to Multi-Mask?

So Instagram has been all buzz about Korean sheet masks and now many companies around the world have started to bring out their own in response to the craze. Another fad is the multi-masking trend which I am totally dubious about myself. Do you seriously need to do this? I attempt to find out a little about sheet masks and multi-masking and I might even try a crazy trend... 

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Hair Care Tips for the Winter Months

Your hair, like your skin, needs some extra love and care during winter. While diet plays a huge role in keeping your hair healthy all year round, it is important to protect our hair from the damage that the winter elements can cause. What are some simple things that you can incorporate into your routine so that your hair stays looking healthy and beautiful in winter?

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Non-Toxic Nail Polish vs My Signature Red OPI

I have been using OPI nail polish for years. Back when I was a teenager I used to buy $2 chemist black nail polish because I was a goth and I was on a budget. Then I think I progressed to Kmart bought brands like Revlon. After that the first designer brand anything that I owned was makeup and nail polish. I tried Chanel nail polish - that was nice. The packaging was lovely but it chipped too easily. I tried YSL too and Christian Louboutin around the same time I got an OPI manicure at a salon somewhere I think. Basically I ended up purchasing OPI because it seemed to last longer in the bottle and chipped less. Fast forward a couple of years to when OPI released Infinite Shine and now that is my favourite.

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Australian Beauty Brands

In the interest of trying to support local Australian businesses I am always on the look out for great Australian skincare and cosmetics brands. While I am totally able to list out quite a few skincare and personal care brands I am in love with, I know less about Australian makeup brands. So we're all in the learning boat together! 

Being a fan of Organic and Natural products I am going to focus on these for this blog post. You may have read the list of natural products that I use in the Natural Lip Balms: Manuka Honey Benefits post. I mainly use natural products everywhere but my face I find natural and essential oils too heavy and clogging for the sensitive skin on my face.

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Interesting Perfume Formats: Options for Sensitive
Skins and Noses

We all know that fragrances (natural or synthetic) are irritating to all skin types; however a lot of skincare products contain them. Since this is the case, quite a lot of people don't really believe they are a problem. How can something which appears in a lot of ingredients lists be an issue for me? The theory behind this is that most fragrance ingredients impart scent is through a volatile reaction. This is a natural reaction and it almost always causes a sensitizing reaction on skin. What is most important here is that this is true for all skin types, not just those with sensitive or redness-prone skin.

Because our physiologies are so complex it is impossible to say that any one perfume can be worn by people with sensitive or easily irritated skin. This is a complex issue.

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Healthy Meal Ideas for Glowing Skin

In a previous post called The Link between Diet and Skin Health I talked about the things that you eat having a direct effect on your skin health and your general wellbeing. I also spoke about the benefits of anti-inflammatory eating. These foods heal your body and they are rich in antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids.

We are so busy with our working and home lives, that sometimes the last thing you want to do in the evening is cook a meal. We all resort to take-away foods sometimes. With the above in mind, I have put together a post with a few recipe suggestions for creating a quick and easy meal.

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What's In My Makeup Bag: The Products I can't do Without

I love reading about other people’s favourite products. Most of the bloggers I follow have posts every month summarising their monthly finds. I learn so much from these posts. Plus I totally want to buy heaps of stuff.

Set to Glow isn’t about promoting new products every month though, I am inspired to review what I use that I have found to work and things I own. In the interest of being completely honest about what is in my makeup bag, I decided to put together a post on the products I can't live without.

So what do I carry around all the time? What are my all time favourite products? Read on to find out…

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What I Learnt Using Natural Deodarant and Toothpaste

You may remember my post What is Perioral Dermatitis? and some of my tips on curing this condition. Switching to fluoride free toothpaste was one of the many things I did to help the skin around my mouth. At first I was horrified at the thought, but then I got real and asked a dentist. Switching to natural toothpaste was easy in the end however finding natural deodorant that works was slightly harder. What did I learn during this process? That research counts, amongst other things.

My dermatologist suggested that I change my routine in the bathroom in order to help my perioral dermatitis. The same could be said of other conditions too. Got eczema? Maybe you need to look at everything you use? Do you brush with fluoride toothpaste? Do you use products that contain SLS? Do you wash your hair with something that triggers it? Do you brush your teeth before you wash your face? My dermatologist said that I should brush my teeth before I washed my face. Well I took that one step further. I wondered if I could change my toothpaste altogether and whether that would have an impact?


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Do You Really Need a Toner?

I have been looking after my skin, at my mothers suggestion, since before I hit puberty. Our family was never really into the beach; my hat obsession started when I was a goth during my teenage years. I wanted to look as pale as I could so I looked my gothic best. That mentality paid off - I always wear a hat everywhere now and I think my skin looks pretty good for it. Australian sun is pretty harsh and during summer I often carry an umbrella as well.

There are lots of different opinions on this topic. Paula of Paula's Choice says that a beautifully formulated toner, loaded with beneficial ingredients, can transform the way your skin looks and feels after cleansing. Her site suggests that a toner can quickly and fundamentally provide skin with generous amounts of antioxidants, soothing agents, and vital hydrating ingredients.

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Your Pedi Health Guide: Dry, Cracked Feet

No matter what I do sometimes my feet are just super dry. We're coming into winter too now, so this is the time to up your pedi care routine. If you have dry, cracked soles read on for my tips to happy feet!

Your feet cop a lot since you walk around on them every day. They support your whole body and I know mine do a lot of extra little tasks that not everyone does. I play a bit of soccer now and again, go to the gym regularly and like to go to kickboxing a couple of times a month... Add the dry weather to this and you have a recipe for dry, cracked feet. I get a pedicure once a month; I do my own manicure to save some money. Sometimes when I go to get my pedicure done I ask my pedicurist to give me a pedi-peel. She uses Pedi-Peel Professional which you can actually buy online - I am not sure what is in this however it peels skin off the bottom of your feet immediately. Coupled with a nice moisturiser, this is a great addition to a spa pedicure.

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